Buying an apartment in Lyon: 2021 starts with strong prices

    Buying an apartment in Lyon: 2021 starts with strong prices

    Real estate prices continued to rise in Lyon, now in the trio of the most expensive cities in France. For people wishing to buy an apartment, several neighborhoods stand out as safe values.

    Tight budgets, be careful. Lyon is the most expensive city to buy real estate at the moment, behind Paris and Bordeaux. For an apartment, it takes 3,590 euros / m². The health and social crisis has not slowed the rise in prices. Between 2019 and 2020, the price per m² increased by 5.4% when purchased. As a result, first-time buyers and investors are forced to move further and further away from the city center.

    Apartment in Lyon promising areas to buy

    However, the high prices do not hold back the wealthiest customers, especially those who have left Paris, who set their sights on the peninsula and the Croix-Rousse, in particular. The goods at 8,000 euros per m² are leaving anyway, not without a bidding up.

    Near the 6th arrondissement, arrondissements like the 3rd and 8th are more and more popular, especially in places.

    Those interested in buying an apartment in Lyon will find many offers on the Bien property listings search engine here. Practical, the site takes into account not only the accommodation but also its surroundings with their centers of interest. For example, it offers ads in neighborhoods like La Guillotière or Monplaisir, which provide a good quality of life.

    Gerland, in the 7th arrondissement, has many new developments. Close to the science and life research center, certain universities, and the international high school, this is a district where you can invest without worry.

    The La Confluence district is another safe bet for investing, with its large shopping center, higher schools, and outdoor spaces.

    The Grand Parilly is another place in full revival. Many buildings will see the light of day in the coming years, as well as large commercial brands, creating jobs.

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