Buying houseplants in winter: tips for beginners

How to choose the most viable plant and does not freeze to bring home.

Купівля кімнатних рослин взимку: поради новачкам

The abundance and diversity of flowering and ornamental plants in the store dazzled. And the customer is only one problem – what to choose. Here are some tips for those who decided to complete his collection, informs Rus.Media.

Do not buy home flowers spontaneously, just because very much. Before you go to the checkout, talk to the seller and preferably in advance, read about the plant in the literature. Unfortunately, many only after the flower gets sick or dies, they find out that it required special conditions and care.

Before buying, carefully inspect the plant. It is tempting to buy piskacuchu flower. But if you want it blooming as long as possible, choose the plant that has lots of buds that are already opened.

Pay attention to the leaves – they should be clean, without damage and signs of disease.

The soil in the pot should be slightly moist, or during transportation, the plant may experience shock and drop flowers and buds (this is especially true with azaleas and gardenias). In ornamental plants, check the drainage holes in the containers. If you look out the roots, then the capacity is too small and house will have to immediately repot the plant in a larger pot.

To safely bring the plant home, protect leaves and flowers from the wind and mechanical damage, all you need to pack well. In the winter, don’t hesitate to ask the seller to wrap the plant with two layers of paper. The packaging should be tightly closed and the top. If you’re lucky the plant in the car. But if in cold weather you will have to carry a flower down the street, it is better to err and cover it with additional plastic wrap.

The house is not in a hurry to deploy the paper. Let the plant stand a few hours in the pack and gradually get used to room temperature.

Ferns, arrowroot, figs, and other deciduous-ornamental plants for the first time (about a week) put in a warm place, but not under direct sunlight. Follow the soil moisture, continuing to spray the leaves. When the plant is adaptable to indoor conditions (because she grew up in the greenhouse), it can be put in a permanent place, depending on the preferences of this culture. Beautiful flowering plant pick from a permanent place, some of them may not be moved – this they lose flowers and buds. If you want the blooms lasted for as long as possible, find the light (but not direct sunlight) and cold room (14-16 ° C).

Some flowering and decorative-deciduous plants, such as poinsettias, after flowering, lose decorative or even killed. It is assumed that they, like cut flowers, after wilting discarded. Other plants (cyclamen, gloxinia) after flowering comes a resting period, which takes place in leafless condition. If you can’t accept the loss of the first and want the second bloom for the next year, be prepared for the fact that it will have to put a lot of effort.