Buzova listed desired men

Scandalous Russian singer Olga Buzova admitted to journalists in sympathy with a number of world-known men, citing an example of a model of family relations.

Бузова перерахувала бажаних для неї чоловіків

Soon the brawler plans to get a cavalier that can protect it from the growing negative”, reports Rus.Media.

Olga Buzova previously excited fans with the news of the intention to take part in the project aimed at searches for her second half. In sverhzaryadnogo chart outrageous singer was unable to find a month of free time to be lonely. While the organizers of the project looking for the stars of show business to potential suitors, satisfied with the press blitz-survey, learning about the world-famous men, to which His uneven breathing.

The singer is in awe of Britain’s Prince Harry and American actor George Clooney. Also some sympathy, Olga cause Jason Statham and Gerard Butler, and the family of footballer David Beckham the singer called example. Each of the above men are capable of making any woman happy and protected from the growing negativity, considers Buzova.

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