By 2024 Russia will cut off foreign traffic in your Internet segment

К 2024 году Россия отключит иностранный трафик в своем сегменте Интернет

The Ministry of communications of the Russian Federation submitted to the government a draft national programme “Digital economy”, implying the tightening of requirements on information security. In particular, by 2024, it is proposed to reduce the share of foreign traffic of the Runet to five percent, according to the Real World, the disposal of which was a copy of the project.

Currently using servers abroad send approximately 60 percent of the traffic. In the January version of the plan, the share of the internal network traffic of the Russian segment of the Internet routed through foreign servers, accounted for 10 percent, but now reduced to five.

Such a system of traffic routing functions in China. In the framework of the project “Golden shield” the relationship between China and the rest of the world only through special servers and equipment to allow traffic that belongs exclusively to the state.

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