By as in her living room

Maripier comme dans son salon

The version in containment , But why ? highlights one of the greatest weapons that By Morin possesses as an orator : his natural in front of the lens.

The documentary series returns tonight at Z for three special shows recorded for the moderator. The first deals with our need/desire to share many things on Facebook and the company since has put the planet on pause. Is it to flatter his ego and remind the world that we exist ? Or is it just to break the isolation and come into contact with other people ?

It is “soft clothed” as By Morin discusses this issue. Warning divulgâcheur : after 30 minutes, it is not more advanced, but a few lines of thinking that are raised.

With authenticity

By Morin anime But why ? In containment ! as if she was in her living room. Literally. Perfectly at home, conducting interviews (via the internet) so relaxed and keeps the same tone for each guest, that she speaks with an artist (Phil Roy), a journalist (Marc Cassivi), a influenceuse (Franceska Fournier) or a teacher (Nadia Seraiocco). Yes, some questions deserve to be reworked, but all in all, it is fluid.

The audience likes By Morin for his ” beautiful spontaneity “, but for our part, what we prefer, it is its authenticity. Unlike others, she doesn’t try to be funny or goofy at any price. When she tries to realize in his first video on Tik Tok, you feel that she is enjoying herself for real. Same thing when she is dancing in her kitchen during the credits at the closing. We don’t have the impression that she heard in his headset : “Listen, By, could you go on your counter and do the same as if you had tons of fun ? It would make a nice shot to finish off the show. “

Produced by Trinome & girls (Facing the street, SQ), But why ? In containment ! will also satisfy the sense of voyeurism that lies dormant in us. You are curious to see what it’s like condo montreal by Morin ? You are going to be served. The facilitator, who handles it-even the cameras, shows its 4 ½ in all its glory… or almost. She takes her “kodaks” everywhere except in the bathroom. It operates even her balcony for a presentation.

In containment

It makes the look more interesting. Its side, in addition to greater intervention on the issue during a Zoom group in the end of the program, everything is (surprisingly) beautiful.

In closing, note that By Morin will record another show in his living room this spring. VRAK has announced that it will participate in C Code, a serial-to-flavor COVID-19, which will be released in a burst from 18 to 22 may. Mariana Mazza, Pier-Luc Funk, Julien Lacroix and Mehdi Bousaidan will also be of the adventure.

  • Z this But why ? In containment ! on Wednesday night, 21-h.
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