By Morin loses his appointments at the Gala Artis

Maripier Morin perd ses nominations au Gala Artis

In the wake of the events of the last days, TVA has decided to withdraw the appointments by Morin at the Gala Artis.

The broadcaster explained its decision in a message posted on the internet.

“By Morin has admitted to having committed serious involving the physical integrity of a person, which led her to pause her professional life. In these circumstances, VAT removes the named Artis in categories: Facilitator/Presenter of variety shows or entertainment and female Personality of the year”, we read.

This announcement comes a week after By Morin had admitted to having “improper behaviour” in the place of Safia Nolin. The singer was accused of sexual harassment, physical assault and have held the racist.

Since then, the networks erase all traces of the moderator. Club illico is no longer The fault, a series in which she held a secondary role. Bell Media has sanitized its platforms (including Crave) all broadcasts featuring, as Code F, Code C, But why? and Byhis talk-show – to-Z.

Radio-Canada has also completed a large household. It is no longer possible to see his episode ofEn audition avec Simon on HERE The edition of march 15, 2019 of Please do not send flowers , and the edition of march 1, 2017 of the Children of the tv, in which she appeared to have suffered the same fate.

By Morin was a finalist for the prize of the Personality of the year award at the Gala Artis with Véronique Cloutier, Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse, Mélissa Désormeaux-Poulin and Julie Le Breton. Side Animation of variety shows or entertainment, she was facing Charles Lafortune, Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse, Jean-René Dufort and France Beaudoin.

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