By sea in Zaporizhia region swept tornado (VIDEO)

По морю в Запорожской области пронесся смерч (ВИДЕО)

Especially nice vortices over the sea.

Climate change is manifested not only abnormal temperature fluctuations, but also natural phenomena, unusual for our latitude.

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Increasingly mini-tornado eyewitnesses see in the Zaporozhye region. Tornadoes of different sizes arise in our steppe zone, while not causing damage to people or buildings.

A dark funnel above the sea depths simultaneously causes fear and admiration.

Photo of tornado, swept over the sea of Azov in the area of it lies the island, published on his Facebook page Alexander Arkhipov. On 15 September, the day when the picture was taken, over Kyrylivka the storm raged. If you look closely, you can see that in the shot of not one tornado, and several different sizes of air funnels.

By the way, the tornadoes on the coast of the Azov sea was in the picture before. Recently, a user Di ma published archival video 2010, which filmed a very powerful vortex that swept the village Hirsivka Azov district.