By the end of the year Russia cover “Liana” the whole Earth

К концу года Россия накроет «Лианой» всю Землю

In 2019 the country’s defense Ministry plans to complete the formation of the Russian system of radar intelligence (HRD) “Liana”, which will cover the whole Earth, write “news”.

Even for small objects around the world the Russian General staff will be able to observe thanks to the two satellites “Pion-NKS” along with a couple of spacecraft “Lotuses.” Their launches are planned to take place before January 1, 2020.

Satellites “Liana” are displayed in an orbit at a height of 100 km. This system can detect an object the size of a car and, if necessary, to bring on a system of high-precision weapons. “Creeper” is the Soviet system of naval space reconnaissance and targeting “Legend”, the spacecraft which was bred to a height of 25 km.

Foreign analogue of the “Vines” are three American Lacrosse radar satellite.

Earlier it was reported that the Chinese successfully put into orbit two satellites for experimentation. They will be used for scientific experiments, research of land resources, mapping and cartography.