Cabins to disinfect people in public places

Des cabines pour désinfecter les gens dans des lieux publics

In a war effort against the COVID-19, entrepreneurs beaucerons have developed decontamination systems, including a cabin that will disinfect people.

The company of Sainte-Marie Puri Haze is born due to the impacts of the pandemic on society. The co-founder, Steve Robitaille, is working on this project since the announcement in march of the “break” of Quebec.

It is a new activity area for the young man 33 years of age. He is the owner of the company Lettering Creating ES. It is associated with businessman Stéphane Morin to create the new company.

Today, Puri Haze is ready to market certain of its products, such as a decontamination system mobile with a cannon that throws a mist to disinfect large surfaces or of the goods in the supermarkets and shops.

“This could also be used for vehicles, such as buses, schools or for a factory. […] We have not invented the sanitizer, we work with a laboratory that has developed a herbal product. It is approved by Health Canada, ” explains Mr. Morin.

In the last few days, Puri Haze has seen interest in some of its products on the part of a group of paramedics and sports centres.

Up to 1000 units in a month

In addition, the company’s beauce region has also in his inventory a cabin decontamination for the human. This product, however, must still get the green light from Health Canada before they can be marketed. The answer should fall ” in the next few days “.

Three prototypes of the cabin have been designed before you get the formula desired. The installation includes a system of access control, a system of centers, a reservoir of disinfectant, an infrared thermometer to take the temperature of people and a timer.

“This could become a requirement to pass in this machine the same type as a metal detector in the airports,” says Mr. Robitaille, adding that it could produce 1000 units in a month.

“When you arrive in the cabin with disinfectant, automatically, the temperature of the person is taken. It was, however, no recording of data. It is in real time “, he says, to reassure people.

The two entrepreneurs mention that this product may be installed easily, “a bit like a piece of IKEA furniture” in shops, offices, airports, factories or shopping centres.

Puri Haze is also working currently on a cabin on a smaller scale that could be used to disinfect objects, such as a bag, or parcel. This system could, for example, be installed in residences for older people in order to disinfect the grocery store.

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