CAF can now collect and pay alimony

    CAF can now collect and pay alimony

    For his first trip of the year, Emmanuel Macron was to go, Tuesday, January 5, to the Family Allowance Fund (CAF) in Tours. The opportunity for the president to discuss the contours of the new reform of the payment of alimony with single-parent families. The latter, 85% of whom are women, now constitute one in four households in France. By exposing their financial difficulties in broad daylight during the crisis of “yellow vests”, they had brought to the fore the problem of unpaid maintenance payments, which represent on average 18% of their resources.

    At the end of the great national debate organized by the government, the Head of State announced, in April 2019, the creation of a “public maintenance service”, the entry into force of which was postponed due to of the health crisis. Opened in October 2020 to separated parents facing bad debts – around 10,000 have benefited in three months – the mechanism has been extended since 1is January to all separated parents.

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    With this new system, inspired by the Quebec model, it is now possible for the CAF to be responsible for collecting and paying alimony until the child is 18 years old, without having to renew. Requirement. This intermediation can be set up at the request of a single parent, without the consent of the second, on simple presentation to the CAF of a divorce judgment or the enforceable title indicating the amount of the maintenance.

    Social justice measure

    It can also be directly provided for in the divorce decree and activated thus, without any additional steps for the parent. In the event of non-payment, CAF is responsible for recovering the sum and pays the beneficiary parent while waiting for the family support allowance, in the amount of 116 euros per month – the average amount of maintenance payments is at 170 euros per child and per month.

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    This device, the cost of which is estimated at 85 million euros in 2021 and then at 122 million euros per year from the following year, aims to strengthen and simplify action in this area, already initiated with the creation , under the previous five-year term, of the Agency for the recovery of unpaid maintenance payments. Awareness and information work for the professionals concerned (CAF staff, magistrates, clerks, notaries, lawyers) is underway to publicize the reform, says the Elysee.

    Presented as a measure both of social justice and in favor of equality between women and men, it will not, however, respond to all cases. Separated parents with an amicable agreement will not be able to resort to it, and the new system will not resolve the insolvency situations of debtor parents.

    According to government projections, 100,000 people could benefit from it in 2021. At present, defaults or late payments concern between 300,000 and 350,000 people.

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