Cake with his own hands what is the cost of Easter treats in the CIS

PHOTO : MIR / Maxim Cams

How much it will cost Easter cake, home-made, the inhabitants of the countries of the Commonwealth? The TV channel “MIR 24” has taken the classic recipe and compare prices.

Most of the cake will have to pay the people of Kazakhstan – five dollars and a half. Almost a quarter of this price is the cost of flour.

There she significantly more than in other countries of the Commonwealth: 1 dollar 30 cents per pound.

Belarusians will pay for Easter bread is slightly smaller than the Kazakhs. Here the price of almost all the ingredients for the cake are higher than in other States of the Commonwealth.

And, as in Armenia, which closes the top three of the ranking, the most expensive eggs – about a dollar for six pieces.

About the same cake stands in Georgia and Kyrgyzstan – about three dollars and a half.

A bit more expensive in Moldova – 3 dollars 80 cents.

And least of all for the Easter feast will be paid by the residents of Tajikistan is only 3 dollars 20 cents. There is the cheap milk and butter.