Calculate the exact speed of expansion of the Universe

Рассчитана точная скорость расширения Вселенной

The universe is expanding much faster than scientists believed. Data telescope “Hubble” confirmed that its speed is approximately 9% higher than expected.

Probably, astronomers will have to reconsider the conventional theory about the evolution of the cosmos, according to

The acceleration of the Universe was known before. But recent research has reduced the likelihood that such data are a coincidence, with 1/3, 000 to 1/100 000.

“The disparity is growing, and has now reached the point that really cannot be taken as a coincidence,” said Professor Adam Riess from Johns Hopkins University.

It is unknown what is the cause of the anomaly. According to one theory, the Universe is affected by mysterious dark matter.

Riess and his colleagues with the help of Hubble studied 70 variable stars (Cepheids) in the Large Magellanic cloud one of the satellite galaxies of the milky way.

These lights flash on and off with predictable speed, so astronomers can accurately calculate distances in outer space.

“What is our life? Game!”Рассчитана точная скорость расширения Вселенной“World mind games”: the premiere of “the World” based On these data, scientists have calculated “the Hubble constant” – the current rate of expansion of the Universe. It amounted to 46,0 miles (74,03 kilometers) per second per megaparsec (one megaparsec is about 3.26 million light years).

The possible error was 1.9%, so the calculations were the most precise to date.

Meanwhile, the expected rate of expansion is 41.9 miles (67.4 km) per second per megaparsec.

Scientists obtained these figures by examining the conditions of the early Universe after 380 000 years after the Big Bang.

Obviously, the two indicators diverged significantly among themselves.

Earlier it was reported that astronomers discovered a second galaxy without dark matter.