Calculation Kiev: Ukraine will demand compensation from the EU in lifting sanctions against Russia

The European Union does not yet delivers any signals about lifting sanctions against Russia, however, Ukraine is ready to any developments, said Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kuleba. While Kiev intends to obtain “maximum compensation” from the EU if Brussels decides to abandon restrictive measures against Moscow. In the state Duma called the possible requirements of the Ukrainian side to the West “unworthy” and not relevant natsinteresam. In the Federation Council advised the Ukrainian politicians to abandon this position and try to build a normal relationship with international partners.

Киевский расчёт: на Украине потребуют компенсации от ЕС при снятии санкций с России

RIA Novosti © Vladimir Sergeevichem politicians and diplomats should work on building relations with Russia, and not to talk about receiving compensations from the European Union, told RT, a member of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs, Senator from Crimea Sergey Tsekov.

“Correct in the current situation Ukrainian politicians would, of course, to stop such arguments and think about how to build as quickly as possible normal relations with Russia. By so doing, they continue to lose in the economy and in many other areas. The top of the Ukrainian political community continues to talk nonsense”, — said the Senator.Earlier, Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine for European and Euro-Atlantic integration Dmitry Kuleba said that the country “for five years” prepared for the fact that the European Union will cease to extend sanctions against Russia.

“But the main thing for us — we are ready for any scenario. And we understand that this can happen… a Desire to lift the sanctions appeared the next day after the adoption of the sanctions. All five of these years someone was trying a little bit or much impact,” — said Kuleba in his interview to “RBC — Ukraine” (located in the registry of banned sites Roskomnadzor at the request of the Prosecutor General).

Киевский расчёт: на Украине потребуют компенсации от ЕС при снятии санкций с России

Reuters © Phil NobleПри this, according to him, at the moment, Brussels does not serve “any signals” that the extension of restrictive measures. He also stressed that the task of the Ukrainian diplomats is to not allow the lifting of restrictions without the implementation of the Minsk agreements and to receive from the European Union “the maximum level of compensation in any form, which is subject to negotiations.”

“There is an aggression, a violation by one country of the basic legal order of the entire continent, so sanctions were imposed. If you decide to remove wrongly — then we need some expansion joints. But the first task is to prevent the lifting of sanctions,” — said Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine.Sanctions of the EU against Russia were introduced in the spring and summer of 2014. Restrictive measures have been in force in three independent directions — sectoral (extended until 31 January 2020), and personal (valid until 15 March 2020), as well as restrictions against Crimea and Sevastopol (extended until 23 June 2020).

In response, Moscow imposed a food embargo, which expires 31 December 2020. However, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin noted that Russia will refuse restrictions, if the EU abandons its own sanctions.

“Look, according to expert data, in the result of all these restrictions Russia over the years starting with 2014 somewhere lost about $50 billion, the EU has lost $240 billion US — $17 billion (we have a small turnover), Japan — $27 billion Is still reflected in workplaces in these countries, including in EU countries: they lose our market”, — stated Putin during a straight line.

However, a number of European countries — particularly in Germany, France, Italy has repeatedly called on the EU to abandon sanctions restrictions against Russia.

“All beg for money allegedly for the development of Ukraine”

According to a member of the Duma Committee on international Affairs Anton Morozov, the constant begging for money already in the habit of Ukrainian politicians.
“I think that from a purely moral point of view such a statement is unworthy. Not to mention the interests of the Ukrainian state. Officials who came to power in a coup in 2014, constantly stand with outstretched hand, and they all beg for money allegedly for the development of Ukraine. In fact, there is reason to believe that they just stuff them in their pockets,” — said the Deputy in conversation with RT.

Kiev time to abandon the idea that the sanctions policy against Russia is their ACE in the sleeve, said state Duma Deputy from the Crimea Ruslan Balbec. According to him, Ukraine are mistaken if you think that this issue can have an effect on Moscow.

“In addition, it should be noted that, if under the restrictions of official Kyiv involves the return of the Crimea, then this dream is better to forget and to say goodbye to her forever. Crimeans have made their choice after a coup in Ukraine consciously and democratically. So if Ukrainian officials hoped for some compensation, they should ask their former colleagues, who overthrew the legally elected President Yanukovych,” — said the MP in an interview with RT.Roman Simhaev, Anna Lushnikova, Anastasia Rumyantseva