Calgary is always interested in the organization of the winter olympics 2026

Photo: Clement Sabourin, Agence France-Presse
Built infrastructure for the 2010 olympic Games in Vancouver and Whistler could be used.

Calgary — The city council of Calgary has approved the grant of 2 million additional dollars in order to develop its potential application to obtain olympic and paralympic winter Games of 2026.


The municipal administration has stated that if the council had not voted the additional funds, then Calgary would have abandoned his project application for obtaining the official journal.


Only 1 million will be granted until the federal and provincial governments to provide their share.


A special team composed of municipal employees and consultants oversees the Committee study of the application of Calgary, which estimated the cost of organization of the winter Games of 2026 at 4.6 billion.


Calgary wants to analyze five points in particular, before giving its green light to the submission of an application : costs, safety, running costs, finance and financial guarantees.


The amount allowed on Monday will be mainly used to prepare Calgary to the filing of an application to be victorious, provided the City gives its consent, could be read.


According to the municipal employees, the filing of an application will cost between 25 and 30 million dollars.


The committee also voted for the use of facilities located outside of Calgary in order to reduce costs for the organization, which means that infrastructure located in the Edmonton or other built-up to the 2010 olympic Games in Vancouver and Whistler, British Columbia, could be used.


The international olympic Committee will allow for the filing of nominations starting in October 2018. The deadline to do so has been established in January 2019.

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