California fires are proof of climate change for Apple boss

California fires are proof of climate change for Apple boss

LOS ANGELES | Apple boss Tim Cook said Monday that the wildfires raging in the western United States like hurricanes hitting the southern part of the country “are a reminder of the severity of climate change and its consequences. stakes ”.

“All of these pieces together, I believe, will convince people who are not currently convinced about climate change,” said Tim Cook in a video interview broadcast by The Atlantic magazine, recorded last week when fires raged near San Francisco.

“It was horrible,” he said. But the Apple boss has avoided saying if he had had the chance to convince President Donald Trump of the reality of climate change.

“I do not want to talk in detail” of “private” exchanges with the American president “but my philosophy is commitment”, added the leader, recalling the commitments of the firm at the apple to operate 100% with renewable energy by 2030.

“I think it's even more important to get involved when you don't agree on something,” he added.

Last week, during a visit to California, President Trump swept aside concerns about global warming and the fires made worse by the drought, assuring: “It will get colder eventually.”

The fires still devastating the west coast have killed more than 35 people since the start of the summer.

“I don't think science really knows,” added the Republican candidate, who regularly makes climate skepticism.

The governors of the three states, for their part, had all denounced global warming as one of the main causes of the fires.

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