California the first in the world to adopt a law on cyber security of the smart home

If California’s Governor will sign has already been approved by state legislators a document that manufacturers of devices for smart homes will be required to ensure maximum safety at all, without exception, devices. This is to ensure that hackers have not used a particular vulnerability in connected to the Internet of things system of your smart home.

Калифорния первой в мире примет закон о кибербезопасности умного дома

A house full of devices connected to the Internet, becomes a real threat to privacy. And the legislative Assembly of the state of California is committed in advance to prevent problems that can cause the IoT, writes Digital Trends.

The legislature passed the first of its kind bill on security in the Internet of things room SB-327, entitled: “Information security: connected devices”. It sets out precautions that are applicable to all devices that are sold in the USA. Now the document is sent for signature to the Governor of California.

“Connected device” legislator defines as “any device capable of connecting to the Internet, as well as the IP address or Bluetooth”.

A cursory glance at the bill to realize that he is poor. Does not provide specific recommendations for the protection of information. In particular, manufacturers are not obliged to conduct a safety assessment of components purchased abroad.

But despite obvious imperfections, the bill is an important milestone on the road to control in the field of IoT. Google and Amazon build serious security protocols in their devices, but they can crack any qualified hacker, finding the weak link in the connected system.

Such legislation would force the manufacturers to do everything IoT device more secure and to eliminate the loophole in their security system.