Call of 40 women politicians of the world against the plan, israeli annexation

Appel de 40 femmes politiques du monde contre le plan israélien d'annexion

RAMALLAH | forty women international policies called on Wednesday to oppose the proposed israeli annexation of parts of the occupied west bank, which should “not remain without a response”.

The government of israel must in principle decide from this Wednesday on the implementation of the plan of the american president Donald Trump for the Near East, which provides in particular the annexation by Israel of the settlements and the Jordan valley in the occupied west bank, occupied palestinian territory by the israeli army since 1967.

“Such a measure will destroy a half-century of efforts for peace in the region and will have considerable consequences”, warn the signatories of this text, among which the ex-swiss president, Micheline Calmy-Rey, the former minister of the French Justice Christiane Taubira, the iranian lawyer and winner of the Nobel peace prize laureate Shirin Ebadi or the former south african minister Barbara Hogan.

“We have received urgent appeals on the part of women, palestinian and israeli. (…) We must be guided by humanity and the resolution of the courageous women who have suffered greatly in the conflict and do not wish to be blinded by hatred. Their words represent the future of which the region needs,” write-in this text sent to AFP.

“The annexation can not remain without response, and a commitment to international firm is more necessary than ever, and this calls for effective measures to prevent unilateral actions illegal and to achieve a just and lasting peace.”

Rejected by the Palestinians, the american plan was hailed by israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu as a “historic opportunity” to promote the “sovereignty” of Israel on parts of “Judea and Samaria”, biblical name and official used by the Hebrew State to designate the west bank.

More than 2.8 million Palestinians live today in the west bank, where live also more than 450 000 Israelis in settlements deemed illegal by international law.

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