Called atypical breast cancer symptoms

Названы нетипичные симптомы рака молочной железы

One of the six women with breast cancer has atypical symptoms which is very difficult to recognize the presence of the tumor, writes

These include back pain, swollen hands, shortness of breath or weight loss. As a result, these women seek medical attention much later than women who discover a lump in her breast. Researchers from University College London say that many women do not know about other symptoms of breast cancer.

Experts analyzed data from 2,300 women diagnosed with breast cancer, the Majority of them – 76% addressed the doctor with complaints about the presence of seals in the breast. Another 17% had other symptoms, including changes in the shape of the breast or nipple, swelling of the hands, back pain, shortness of breath or weight loss.

It is reported that women with these atypical symptoms waited, on average, 12 days before to go to the doctor. It is almost twice longer than for women, who discovered the lump in her breast and, as a rule, applied to the hospital within a week. Moreover, 15% of women who do not have a breast lump, waited 3 months, postponing the visit to the doctor. For comparison, only 7% of women with a lump in her breast did not go to the hospital for the same length of time.

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