Called the main mistake when losing weight

Названа главная ошибка при похудении

Known nutritionist Victoria Cavil was advised at the beginning of the path to weight loss is not to ignore the fear that something may fail.

According to her, to achieve the desired result in weight reduction is not difficult. Tips on how to overcome doubt and start to act, she shared in his Telegram channel.

First and foremost, the physician noted that superstition, they say, and suddenly will not work is a huge boulder that lies on the path to health and harmony, and who stumbles every woman.

“It happens when you just start to go without any prejudice, having overcome laziness, rising from the couch, tuning, finally opening my door, make the first step and wham! Cobblestone: “And suddenly will not work!” writes Slander.

She added that it is not necessary to think that all the way to the desired result will consist of these stones. Or that each step will be as difficult as the first.

“Yes, you can take this rock with you and drag you the whole way, telling himself that “you are special, that you never do not do it.” Walk two or three steps and run into another of the same rock, which was dragged last time, left him here and returned back to your cozy sofa. A rock and not gone anywhere”, — with irony tells of Slander.?

The nutritionist said that we should not stop in the beginning or halfway. And to do what is planned, what overcame the laziness and went out of their comfort zone.

“We need to go! To cross, to jump, to climb over this damned rock and go their own way!” — encourages it.

According to her, every way to reduce weight is different: some have it long, others not, but someone he will not only lead to the desired result, but also a complete inner transformation.

“Extortion your fear, doubt, overcoming obstacles in his own mind, we become freer, more confident, happier! One only has to try!” summed up Slander.

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