Called the main product, which causes pimples

Which product should be excluded from your diet for healthy skin?

Названо головний продукт, який провокує прищі

Almost every second woman suffers from constant rashes, pimples and inflammation. The occurrence of pimples mostly arise from the violation of the hormonal balance, poor skin care and wrong food. But if you have tried all the methods and put his hands on the way to a healthy skin, then beauticians recommend again to pay attention to the food that you consume daily, reports Rus.Media.

Cosmetologists have decided to name only one product, which causes pimples and acne are dairy products. That is cow’s milk provokes persistent rash, as a result you are unable to healthy skin.

As experts say dairy products is composed of more than 20 hormones and chemicals, as cows are fed with antibiotics, anti-inflammatory and against fungal drugs. So, if you’re a fan of milk, then it is better to use natural vegetable milk: coconut, cedar, or poppy, or to replace cow’s milk in azlactone.

Remember, if you decide to exclude dairy products, then you need to saturate your diet with foods rich in calcium – sesame seeds, greens, nuts and soybeans.

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