Called vegetables, which have strong anti-cancer properties

Названы овощи, которые обладают сильными антираковыми свойствами

Scientists from the research Center of the U.S. Department of agriculture gave evidence that, eggplant contains a substance able to resist cellular mutations that lead to malignant tumors.

Eating dishes of eggplant increases the body’s resistance to cancer, according to U.S. experts. According to them, in the composition of these vegetables is present in chlorogenic acid – a substance that can resist the action of free radicals, which are oxidative molecules that damage the integral structure of body cells.

“Chlorogenic acid exhibits anti-mutagenic properties. That is, it protects cells from mutation that resists the accumulation of cancer cells and growth of tumors. Thanks to her eggplant possess strong anticancer properties”, — experts say.

In addition, eggplant is a rich source of dietary fibre stimulating development of the immune activity of the microflora of the digestive tract. Due to this, the eggplant, help to reduce the density of cholesterol deposits and protect a person from developing diabetes of the 2nd type.


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