Calms the nervous system and not only: the useful aroma of pine needles at home

Успокаивает нервную систему и не только: чем полезен аромат хвои дома

A live tree and its medicinal properties – it is possible to fold the whole legend, but we will not do this. Read very real facts about the health properties of pine and spruce domainhome on New year’s eve celebration live spruce, pine, or fir become the main decoration of almost all houses.

As soon as put them in the tree house, you immediately feel in your home a special energy, and most importantly – around the space is spread a therapeutic aroma.

All trees with evergreen needles have an extraordinary vitality.

If you believe the reference of tradition to bring the Christmas tree into the house and dress her for the New year, first started by the Germans. In Germany this custom is very ancient and is based on the worship of this “Queen of the forest”.

But the main value of evergreen trees not only in the beauty and unique healing properties.

As people helps spruce:

she has the ability to cleanse the air of harmful bacteria by releasing large quantities of volatile;spruce is also a powerful source of bioenergy;aroma of spruce removes the accumulated negative: fatigue, irritation, worry, anger;the fresh smell of pine has a sedative property.To carry out the disinfection of pathogenic microbes in your favorite house, put bouquets of sprigs of pine, spruce up the room. A better second method: the spruce branches in a bucket pour boiling water and leave open.

What else is it used fir products for medicinal purposes?

Infusion of spruce cones used for rinsing of mouth and inhalation. The resin and needles of spruce in some cases it is useful to chew to strengthen teeth and gums. Oleoresin ate treats dry skin, healing cracked lips and hands. A decoction of needles taken internally for lung diseases and even asthma. From the needles prepare a vitamin drink that is useful to drink with SARS.

Very useful pine tea for vitamin deficiency, frequent colds and coughs. As needles has a pronounced antimicrobial and diuretic action, infusions of pine needles can be recommended at diseases of kidneys and urinary tract.

But all this, of course, we do not recommend to use without a prescription. But aromatherapy at home, always please. New year 2020 is a great time to improve your health thanks to the wonderful zapachu ate, because soon every home will “flow” arom spruce, fir or pine.

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