Calvillo is it in the plans Maciocia?

Danny Maciocia has not hesitated to recruit in the universities here since his appointment as general manager of the Montreal Alouettes, but will want there to hire possibly Anthony Calvillo?

On the administrative level, after the hiring of Byron Archambault , the new DG could be tempted to offer a job to the best passer in the history of professional football, who was also his sidekick in the Carabins of the Université de Montréal.

In interview to the program “The Runners”, Thursday, in the channel, TVA Sports, Maciocia was asked about it. The old quarter of the Alouettes, was not present at the press conference of the Carabins, Tuesday, when they presented the new driver Marco Iadeluca.

“Currently, there is no place. Anthony is a coach and we have only 11 instructors since the league adopted the famous rule.”

“Khari Jones has already chosen his coaches.”

Then, Maciocia has suggested that Calvillo is still in the employment of the Carabins for the next season. However, its future, when it develops, appears to be vague.

“It’s still Anthony and Marco, if they decide to keep this relationship at the University of Montreal, I am convinced that they can do great things together. There is a tremendous respect between the two men. I think he liked his experience. I think he wants to continue in 2020 and I wish him good luck.”

“If an opportunity presented itself to get him back for the Alouettes, it is certain that we would be open and listening.”

Calvillo has joined the Carabins in January 2019. In 2018, he was in the employment of the Toronto Argonauts as a coach of the quarter-back.

In addition to having been the pivot of the Sparrows between 1998 and 2013, Calvillo served as a coach of receivers, to the offensive coordinator and instructor of the quarters within the team.

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