Camera Xiaomi СС9 Pro dozvola pobachiti those chogo not bachit eye

Камера Xiaomi СС9 Pro дозволяє побачити те, чого не бачить око

Nsider Mukul Sharma (Mukul Sharma) opubco on their storns Twitter scave video scho demonstrou features a 50-fold zoom cameras Xiaomi СС9 Pro. Spochatku navti not showsm of course, in essence chomu – Rivno to the quiet PR, pokey focal vastani not pocne sensualist.

Vzagali, wiodacy iz declared znachennya – 50 times – we have prepustiti scho Xiaomi СС9 Pro dozvola pogledati “far beyond Obriy”. However divu, naslite effective working stablize at maximum zoom I naslite picture for such minds salesas informativnoe. Although about akus average deltaz for such minds say not be reported.