Camille Estephan is ready to charge

Camille Estephan est prêt à foncer

“Chance favors only to those who are prepared. “Camille Estephan was quoting yesterday the sentence of a marist father who was teaching him in Lebanon when he was a child. The Marists were good teachers, they have formed a great quantity of our best Quebecers in the 1950s and 1960s.

Estephan has not forgotten. And it is ready. As soon as the government Legault will loosen a little the grip of iron that imprisons us in our homes, Eye of the Tiger Management (EOTTM) will launch the ball in professional sports.

“We hope to present a premier gala at the beginning of July. If necessary, we will do behind closed doors or in front of fewer than 250 people, including officers of the Governed (des alcools, des courses et des jeux), the television technicians and journalists, ” he explains.


Camille Estephan is ready to pounce for several reasons. If the gala is the first professional event in Quebec, he will be able to count on media coverage of extraordinary. The newspapers, the radios, the tvs, the bloggers will finally have new stories to tell. Talking about David Lemieux and Steven Butler instead of Gaétan Hart, and Stéphane Ouellet, it will be good.

But more importantly, there is a Punching Grace, its television channel, which now has three years of existence. In fact, the effects of social distancing will be used Camille Estephan.

“When we are going to revive the industry, a lot of things will have changed. We will have need of all our boxers. We have 25 who are waiting to resume their career. But we’re going to need new sources of revenue since the world of sport has changed. Golden Boy and Matchroom are with DAZN, Top Rank with ESPN ; on our scale, Punching Grace allows us to reach a clientele that one finds even in Kazakhstan and in Russia. We were lucky to invest in television a few years ago. It is obvious that people will have the habit to stay at home to recovery, ” said Estephan.


Estephan is a specialist of Facebook. The market release of its boxing business is a lot focused on Facebook. During the containment, they are three or four to work on the site of EOTTM and Punching Grace. The rate of contact with the fans is huge. Only Videotron is better.

“We already have eight fights to be insured. Our boxers are followed and are cautioned as to the resumption, they will be entitled to training camps of four to six weeks. We are going to use our boxers, but we will also do business with Tyler Buxton, the owner of United Promotions in Mississauga and Mel Lubovac in Edmonton. You can count on Dillon Carman or Adam Braidwood in the heavy. There will be opportunities for our boxers, belts to go to win. I’d even be willing to offer a fight to Mikael Zewsky, which is player stand-alone, but I don’t think he is willing to confront a young killer like Sadriddin Akhmedov, ” said Estephan.


But as long as the government has not indicated what would be the main lines of the liberation of Quebec, the projects of Camille Estephan remain… projects.

“There are still a share of speculation. But the important thing is to be prepared.

Depending on the circumstances, you could sell 100 VIP tickets respecting the alienation and the ceiling that the government will impose probably until the fall. I have already spoken to Michel Hamelin (the “RACJ”). The idea of the almost closed door is far from annoy me. Rather, it is a chance to develop even more as a Punching Grace since the fans will be bored and that it will offer them a card they won’t want to miss, ” says Estephan.

IN THE NOTEPAD | brother Laurent Poulin, of Boxingtown, has proposed a dozen fights that could be presented in July. These are only suggestions, but they are interesting. I’ll come back tomorrow.

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