Campaign sociofinancement: a young gaspé pregnant is breast cancer

Campagne de sociofinancement: une jeune gaspésienne enceinte est atteinte du cancer du sein

GASPÉ | The announcement of a pregnancy should be a time of rejoicing. For Sarah-Maude Aupin Mcrae, a young gaspé in 25 years, this news comes with a downside: a breast cancer stage 3.

Although it may receive several treatments to Gaspé, the lack of medical manpower forced him to move to the Hospital regional de Rimouski, in Bas-Saint-Laurent, for oncology care, as well as to Quebec for a follow-up of pregnancy.

These movements make it more difficult for this young woman, who is pregnant of 20 weeks.

“Fatigue is the first symptom. Since I’m sick and pregnant, the doctors tell me that it is the double of energy,” said Ms. Aupin Mcrae, on Wednesday, the camera of VAT New.

Add to this the financial stress caused by the expense that these movements generate. Although the ministry of Health and social Services offers a program of compensation, it is not sufficient to offset the costs.

“I was touched when my mother decided to launch the campaign. Money wise, it’s going to be difficult… I am off work for at least two years. I don’t have a lot of income, I am on health insurance and it barely covers 50% of my salary,” she lamented.

His mother has recently launched a campaign sociofinancement on Facebook to help her daughter. More than 9,200 $ have been raised so far on a goal of $ 15,000.

For the moment, Sarah-Maude Aupin Mcrae does not have to fear for her pregnancy, who should be to term in July of next year.

“All its organs are well-trained. It is protected by the amniotic sac and the placenta, so the treatment should not affect it. This can cause a premature birth, but at this point it will be questionable”, she concluded.

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