Campers assets despite the ban

Des campeurs actifs malgré l’interdiction

Campers seasonal in Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures are ignoring the directives in force which are forcing the closure of campgrounds, while the administrator of the place judge that it is “not responsible” of the comings and goings on its lands.

Camping Juneau is located in Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures, gives the appearance of being well closed. The reception pavilion is crossed out, immersed in the dark, while the land is seemingly vacant, with the exception of a handful of trailers stored.

Except for a brief getaway behind a fringe of trees, delineating the forestry sector, changes the perspective as to compliance with the government directives, was able to see The Log. Cars, bikes, lights, boat being put in the water : hard to believe that a pandemic is raging.

Instructions in force provide that only the snowbirds can now stay in a camping area. The Camping Juneau, we swear to have ” no more than five snowbirds “. However, the back-and-forth constant makes it obvious the fact that these snowbirds are well supported.

Interrupted while he scraped the leaves on a field, an employee of the campsite explains that” it is so beautiful that several of the seasonal workers are there to clean up their ground.”

Contrary to the instructions

However, such an incursion violates frontally to the government guidelines.

“This is not allowed,” says frankly CEO of Camping Québec, Simon Tessier, without ruling on the case of the Camping Juneau.

Martin Gregory, the manager of the place, claimed that the directorate is not responsible to ” observe the instructions on its lands. “I’m not here to police, he says. The campsite is closed. That’s it, that’s all. As the winter, it is not there to monitor. “

When asked whether he fears the fine of several thousand dollars, to which its business is exposed, Martin Gregory indicates that he does not ” [s]’not care “, vowing that it complies with the instructions. Anyway, to the point where one is, it can’t go more wrong “, goes-t-he.

“Complete disaster “

“I don’t know how long I will stay alive. It is a complete disaster. […] The little that we can do, the government does not gives us even not “, he laments.

Crumbs revenue, accounts payable and taxes to pay. Like the Camping Juneau, hundreds of homeowners have been plunged into a precarious situation similar, that will “inevitably” to close campgrounds if the ban persists, alert Simon Tessier.

“We don’t understand too why, in a space of open air, people could not access the camping grounds “, said Mr. Tessier, urging owners to ” hold good “.

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