Campers need to be responsible

Les campeurs doivent demeurer responsables

“If the campers want to continue to practice their leisure throughout the season, they need to be responsible and comply with the standards set by the public health, otherwise we’re going to have problems. “This is the message that the chairman and ceo of Camping Québec, Simon Tessier, was to go to camping enthusiasts, in this second week of the vacation of the building.

“At the beginning of the construction holiday, the minister responsible for the public Safety, ms Genevieve Guilbault, reiterated the importance of maintaining good behaviour, particularly in camping. After having welcomed the contribution and collaboration of the owners of camping throughout the province of Quebec, it has been keen to remind the campers that she didn’t want to release during the holidays and that the campers had to maintain social distancing. She also pointed out that there would be inspections increased in the coming days and weeks to see if the instructions were respected. For Camping Québec, we see very positively the principle of inspection, in order to have a better picture of the situation. ”

In the mind of the CEO, oversight of the kind means that the offenders will be accountable.

“You need to understand that it would be a shame to penalize an entire industry for a few offenders. If ever there are campgrounds who take the rules lightly and who do not comply, or even if campers do not comply with the rules, it should be to these offenders to pay and not to the majority. ”

He stressed that the owners of the campgrounds were a huge amount of work since the beginning of the season, by reason of the measures imposed related to the pandemic. It’s important that campers come to the campgrounds fully prepared with the right gear, especially during this pandemic. Campers can get the best camping gear on


Even if it is not under the responsibility of Camping Québec to process the records of offenders, mr. Tessier had learned that there had been some cases, but nothing major.

“If there is a problem, people should not report it to Camping Québec, but through the telephone line government provided to this end in the folder of the COVID‐19. As I am close to my members, I mentioned that there had been cases detected, cases very isolated, no foci of an outbreak in the campsites. These are people who had contracted the CODIV-19 elsewhere, and that moved into camping. At this time, the owners have taken the necessary steps and all files were extremely well managed. ”

Obviously, the CEO doesn’t as fireplaces hatch in the camping grounds Quebec. He therefore fully supported the remarks of the minister.

“In the large campgrounds, with the quite different reality of the current season, if one has more wide-field, this means more people on the sites. It takes more security on the sites. It should be remembered more often people observe the rules. It is the fact everywhere in Quebec. People have dropped their guard. When they reach the campsite, getting back in fashion discipline, it is difficult for many. There is no doubt that the owners, when they go to get to the end of the season in October, they will have earned their winter vacation “.


The situation in which they currently live, with the increased monitoring and all the constraints to be applied, so that the owners of the campground are struggling.

“Yes, they are able to work and operate their land, but we feel exhausted. They must constantly repeat to the people to abide by the guidelines and regulations. Yet, in the end, it is an individual responsibility of all campers to adhere to the social distancing and the 10/3/2 in the rallies. ”

Even if he believes that all of its members, are working in the right direction to ensure the holding of the camping season, he is not fooled.

“That would be me hiding your head in the sand as to say that all campgrounds shall apply all the measures in force. There are 1000 campgrounds in Quebec. There are probably who have not put in place adequate measures. If this is the case, the CNESST must intervene and give warnings or fines, as necessary. The only thing that I don’t want to, once again, is that we target an entire industry, as was the case for the bars for some offenders. It is necessary to work to empower the campers who attend our courses. ”


Once again, mr. Tessier is back hammering on the fact that, contrary to popular belief, all of the campsites are not filled.

“There is always room in several campgrounds. There was always this false belief that it is full. This is not booked anywhere as many say. The situation has improved greatly in some campsites that were in sharp decline, over the past two weeks. There are always those who struggle to achieve, while others have had to restrict the traffic at the door. For example, the Domain of the Dream, in Montérégie, we had to restrict access to the beach because he was getting a lot of visitors. It had to be done in order to have less crowds and be able to keep the control, except that this means the same time a significant loss of direct income. But, even there, by responsible owners, our people have acted for the safety of the general public. ”

It is certain that the marked increase of people who have decided to engage in the practice of the campsite means that some regions are literally invaded, such as the Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean and Gaspésie.

“We need people to plan in advance their trips, in the current situation, when booking. There is a place just about anywhere, but you can’t arrive at the entrance of a campsite and think that it will be automatic. There is a place, but not necessarily in the camping site that people want at the start. At this point, people have to research and book, so as not to have unpleasant surprises. It is possible to find a camping site in Quebec. ”

Quebecers have decided to remain in Quebec, and it is this that is causing all this back-and-forth. The people who have traditionally migrated to the United States had to remain in Quebec.

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