Can I eat bananas on an empty stomach?

What can you eat bananas on an empty stomach, depends on a state of health.

Чи можна вживати банани на голодний шлунок?

Banana is often eaten for Breakfast – no cooking required and you can eat on the run. This fruit is beneficial for health and gives a person cheerfulness. At the same time, nutritionists believe that it is wrong to eat bananas on an empty stomach, informs Rus.Media.

Doctor Daryl Joffrey is convinced: “Bananas seem to be the perfect Breakfast food, but upon closer inspection you may find that as an independent food they are harmful to health.”

Use bananas on an empty stomach

Bananas can reduce fatigue, strengthen the heart and normalize blood pressure. They also help get rid of heartburn, constipation and reduce depression.

Bananas are rich in iron and prevent anemia by stimulating the production of hemoglobin. These delicious fruits are a source of potassium and magnesium. According to nutritionist doctor Slpa, bananas reduce the feeling of hunger, so they need to eat each day.

25% bananas consist of sugar and provide energy for the whole day. Fruits rich in vitamins B6 and C, tryptophan and fiber.

Because of the acidic nature and large quantities of potassium, a nutritionist from Bangalore Anjou Court advises not to eat bananas on an empty stomach.

Sorry bananas on an empty stomach

Although fruits contain many useful substances, for Breakfast it is better to abandon their use.

Bananas in the morning on an empty stomach will cause:

  • drowsiness and feeling of dullness in a few hours. This is due to the high sugar content;
  • bowel problems fruits increase acidity. Sugar, once in the body causes fermentation and is converted inside the body into alcohol, which disrupts the digestive system.

Ayurveda, one of the oldest systems of power, suggests that we should avoid eating any fruits on an empty stomach, and then bananas. Especially today, when they are grown artificially, using chemicals. Eating bananas on an empty stomach, the chemicals will enter the body and harm health.

Who do not eat bananas

Dietitian Catherine Collins of London believes that people suffering from kidney disease, you should avoid foods high in potassium. After eating bananas in the body and increases the level of potassium, which it is due to problems with urination.

Diabetics refrain from eating bananas – they contain a lot of sugar and carbohydrates.

People who are diagnosed with a latex Allergy may have allergies and bananas.

Useful alternatives

To start the morning with a healthy Breakfast, combine the bananas with other useful products. This can be yogurt, porridge or milk smoothie. They neutralize the acidic substances that slow down the metabolism of sugar and prevent the swings in blood.