Can shock: Apple withdraws threat chargers

Могут ударить током: Apple отзывает опасные зарядные устройства

Apple recalled a number of chargers for iPhone, iPad and Mac products due to the fact that they represented a potential danger for people.

We are talking about models of adapters for wall power outlets, sold in Australia in 2003-2015, reports

It is noted that they are compatible with the ports of the United Kingdom, Singapore and Hong Kong and could potentially be used in many countries around the world.

Representatives of the company stressed the device broken “in very rare cases.” But it’s still possible.

Have defective adapters internal components may be on the outside, and then the owner by touching him will receive a shock.

“Customer safety is always Apple’s top priority,” – said in an official statement.

Clarifies that threat adapters – all white and new and improved models feature a gray insert in the internal part.

The owners of the rejected devices may exchange them at the nearest brand store or contact Apple support.

Recall that in 2017, Apple withdrew almost 90 thousand iPhone 6s due to battery defect. Some users have complained that the gadget suddenly turning off when the charge is 40%.