Can you pass a really unusual test perception?

Сможете ли вы пройти действительно необычный тест на восприятие?

Useful insights will be in the end. The Oxford English dictionary defines “Perception” (Perception) as “the ability to see, hear or learn about something through the senses”. Psychologists, however, know that the way we perceive the world is influenced by many subjective factors. At the sight of the same picture different people can experience completely different emotions.

Perception is not just what you see. This is a much deeper concept. It involves not only vision, but also many other systems of the body. First, the brain receives visual, auditory, and other information from sensory organs and then interpretered in the “need” for it. We unconsciously based on data obtained as a result of interpretation, not information itself. It is the difference in perception makes us all different ways of looking at the world.

So reality and life in General — the concept is very subjective.This test of visual perception — a quick and easy way to learn about yourself a little more. And how you look at things. It will help you to understand some of the psychological, analytical and sensory aspects of your personality. Try to get it right now!And please tell us how you got the result!

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