Canada moved closer to North Korea in 2018

Canada moved closer to North Korea in 2018

On the sidelines of the meeting between Donald Trump and dictator Kim Jong-Un, Canada secretly prepared to rebuild bridges with North Korea.

Throughout the fall of 2018, senior Canadian officials interacted with key figures within the North Korean regime, documents obtained by The Globe and Mail show .

Some documents even mention that Ottawa was ready to reopen its embassy in Pyongyang, but it is not specified what conditions had to be met for this to happen.

Canada has not had a diplomatic presence in North Korea since 2010.

Since then, it appears that the Trudeau government has played, out of sight, a proactive role in normalizing relations between the Communist regime and Western countries.

In September 2018, three months after the first summit between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un, Canada pushed North Korea to abandon its nuclear program and even volunteered for the verification process, according to revelations from the “World”.

The merger operation had been approved by then Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland.

It had previously been revealed that senior North Korean officials had traveled to Ottawa and Vancouver unofficially to meet with well-placed people within the Foreign Ministry.

However, the Globe and Mail article published on Wednesday tells us what was discussed at these secret meetings. Among other things, there was a question of mutual trust between soldiers.

The documents cited do not however indicate whether these talks were successful. On the other hand, we know that the Canadian representatives had indicated to the North Korean delegation that any agreement was conditional on the abandonment of their nuclear program and on an improvement in the human rights situation in their country.

Ottawa had taken care to reassure its American, South Korean and Japanese allies that its meetings did not mean a diplomatic reorientation.

The current Minister of Foreign Affairs, François-Philippe Champagne, did not want to comment on this information, content to reaffirm that “we continue to work closely with our allies to implement sanctions and defend the rights of the man in the Korean Peninsula ”.

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