Canada post is buried in the package

Postes Canada croule sous les colis

If you wait for the delivery of a parcel to Canada Post and that you find that it takes time before it happens to you, don’t be surprised.

And above all, demand of the employees union, patience. It is the mental and physical health of all.

The volume of shipments has exploded, mainly because of the purchase online, but also to the lack of staff, sometimes because employees showing symptoms similar to those of the COVID-19 have been removed pre-emptively.

“People come to pick up their parcels at some postal outlets, where many, many people are waiting. It is a reality that we must face, unfortunately – as much to Canada Post that in full of businesses that are open currently. There is the waiting time”, explained Alain Robitaille, president of the workers ‘ Union of postal workers on Saturday in an interview with TVA News.

People are sometimes in conditions where they should not be. If you have symptoms of COVID-19, your place is not in our offices. You don’t have to come pick up your package. Canada post has extended the period where they keep the parcel for not returning it to the sender. Therefore, there is no release. You can expect your parcel to the house. Do not expose customers and workers to the COVID-19 if you think you have symptoms. ”

In the parking lot of a distribution center in the borough of Ville-Saint-Laurent in Montreal, about 250 trailers full to the brim are found in the vicinity of the sorting centres, because it cannot meet the demand.

These trailers waiting to be unloaded for the treatment of stored items. It is Christmas in the spring for Canada Post. Normally, the Holidays are the pivotal period. It is unprecedented, says the president of the local branch of the union.

A worker who preferred to remain anonymous, has provided VAT New pictures of piles of packages not distributed with Canada Post.

The relations are, at present, very good between the employer and the union, but The union is concerned that now new issues of health and safety at work because of the very strict measures have been put in place to comply with the detachment physics. The package volume may obstruct lanes of traffic, for example.

The union calls for the indulgence of the customer, the people who are waiting for their parcel for weeks.

From one end to the other of the country, there is a lack of thousands of employees, a situation that will continue for weeks.

– According to the information obtained by Andy St-André for VAT New


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