ANIMALS Samples taken in early November confirmed the presence of the virus in the body of animals

 Canada & nbsp ;: Des wild animals infected with Covid-19, a first in the country

A deer. Drawing. – Solent News/Sipa

Three deer from Quebec have recently been; infected with Covid-19. These are the first cases of coronavirus found in a wild species in Canada, announced. the federal government this Wednesday.

The cases have been confirmed by the National Center for Foreign Animal Diseases of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, said. the Ministry of the Environment in a press release. Recent reports have already been made. proven that in the United States, the Covid-19 was transmitted by humans & agrave; wild Quebec roe deer (also called white-tailed deer).

OIE informed in early December

Conversely, no case of transmission from deer to humans has been observed. detected. The infected deer live in the forests of Estrie, a region of Quebec neighboring Vermont and Maine (United States). All were & ldquo; & ldquo; apparently in good health & nbsp; & rdquo; & rdquo; and & nbsp; & nbsp; showed no clinical signs of the disease, & rdquo ;, & rdquo; the Canadian Department of the Environment.

Des & eacute ; samples taken from game animals in early November detected the disease. The World Health Organization animal (OIE) in summer informed this Wednesday. & nbsp; Since the start of the pandemic, the Covid-19 has affected several species on the planet, including farmed mink, pets and cattle living in zoos.