Canadian: Alexander Romanov in the nether

Canadien: Alexander Romanov dans le néant

If the young defender Russian Alexander Romanov knows already that he will not be able to don the uniform of the Montreal canadiens at the next knock-out tournament of the national hockey League (NHL), many questions remain unanswered at the present time.

The new collective bargaining agreement might have been ratified on Friday night, the folder of the Romanov remains particularly complex. Both the organization of the CH as the agent of the player, Dan Milstein, are in the fog about several elements.

“We do not know if he will be able to train with the team, it is not known if he will travel with the team,” said Milstein when contacted by TVA There are so many outstanding issues on which we do not have any information.”

“Montreal is in the same position, all the team knows, it is that it will have the right to burn the first year of his contract input, but it will not be able to play.”

Need a clear plan

Obviously, as long as Romanov is unknown if he will be able to train with the hc, if only to gain experience and get a taste of the NHL, his camp can only determine if it will burn the first year of the contract.

“First, we need a clear plan, said Milstein. There is hope to get news on the current the end of the week.”

As of Monday afternoon, the Canadian will have a window of 53 hours to put under contract the Romanovs – and, if necessary, burn the year. Note that the contract of entry that had been announced by the organization in may had no date of entry into force and constituted rather an agreement-in-principle.

Romanov, 20 years old, has other options. To avoid several months without playing hockey, it may enter into a contract with a european team, but it is unclear whether this would mean that he would miss the season 2020-2021 NHL.

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