Canadian Northern: a language barrier divided the blue

Canadien-Nordiques: une barrière linguistique divisait les bleus

On march 8, 1981, the New Year was not old four-month Mario Marois went on to his third team of the current campaign. But the sturdy defender is consoled by the fact that he was returning to the fold.

The Quebec Nordiques were the acquisition of the skater L’ancienne-Lorette Vancouver Canucks in return for the reliable back Gary Lariviere. A year later, the old Ramparts took part in the first playoff series in the face of the sworn enemy of the Fleurdelysé: the Montreal canadiens.

But in the words of the Québécois, a language barrier divided some members of the workforce.

“If it was a rivalry that we enjoyed? Yes and no, ” explained the former captain on the show “Salut Bonjour”, Sunday, on the TVA network. For us, the francophones were here year-round, there was a difference with the anglophones who do not read newspapers and did not understand (the issue).”

“It was more difficult for us, but at the same time, it was the best of us.”

The Canadian had finished the regular schedule at the top of the section Adams with 109 points, 27 points ahead of the Northern fourth.

According to Marois, the Habs, he was condescending, under-estimated the talent of the formation of the Old Capital.

“We were improved, and it has disturbed a little. When beaten, it is that which has intensified the rivalry.”

“We don’t like”

After having been rinsed 5 to 1 duel original, the Blue took the second game 3 to 2 in the Forum as well as the next. They triumphed again in hostile territory, on 13 April, in overtime, to win the series in five games.

For Marois, the keeper of the time had a big impact in this victory dramatic.

“Daniel Bouchard was important. Dale Hunter also. There were guys who were working hard. We had the determination… we wanted to beat them!

“We’re not going to hide, you didn’t love us no more!”

Whipped by a teacher who had the fire in the eyes of Michel Bergeron, the players had that this triumph in mind. No matter who they were in the second round.

“There was intensity in mass. There was an additional pressure for us, francophones living in Quebec city year round. We pognait in the guts.”

Moreover, Marois says it is sceptical as to the possibility of review of a club of the NHL to Quebec: “it would be difficult with the salary cap to more than 80 million. It takes a club-school.”

“I don’t know if it is able to support a club financially”, asked the one who would prefer a relocation to a dealership expansion.

The network, TVA Sports will present on Monday, 19 h, series of 1982 between the Canadian and the Nordic.

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