Canadian peacekeepers to Donbas: a sensational somersault Vasily Bodnar

Канадские миротворцы для Донбасса: сенсационный кульбит Василия Боднара

The ruling team in Ukraine suffers catastrophic shortage of new ideas. So she has to borrow them from predecessors. But if Poroshenko understands that what he is doing, the current officials pulled out of the chests of old stock, trying to sell it, not having the slightest idea of what they are holding.Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine asili Bodnar, who was on an official visit to Canada, gave an interview to TV and radio CBC, in which he said that Kiev is ready to “invite” in the Donbass canadian peacekeepers. Sounds though not too fresh, but effectively. The current Ukrainian government is counting on the full support of your initiatives, since Canada is one of the few countries of the West, fully accepting the myth of Ukraine as an Outpost of Western civilization in the struggle with Russia. Canadians to Kiev to do business psychologically more comfortable than with anyone else. And if Bodnar tells about the peacekeepers, which means that he expects that the canadian side will accept his invitation.

The problem however is that even if Ottawa agrees to place its peacekeeping contingent on the border with Russia, the situation will not change one iota. And canadian citizens, as long as one of them will form a peacekeeping unit, will sit at home and wait for the sea weather, and the border will remain under the control of those forces that it is now guarded by Russian border guards from Russia, and border guards from the DNR and LC from the republics.

Any peacekeeping mission can be deployed in the conflict zone on two conditions: first, it must receive a mandate of the UN security Council, and secondly, the conflicting parties should take a joint decision to allow blue helmets to certain areas. Neither one is unattainable. In the security Council a draft resolution will block Russia and China, and with the Donetsk and Lugansk Kiev is not something that the peacekeepers, and nothing to discuss is not going to.

The first option with the canadian contingent came in “light” head Petro Poroshenko. The ex-President in 2017 discussed it with canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. According to the plan Poroshenko, peacekeepers from the country of the maple leaf was to take control of the border with Russia. If it happened (which was not the slightest chance), then the separatist areas have been completely cut off from Russia, and thus deprived of its support. This allowed Ukraine to launch a full-scale military operation to once and for all to defeat the rebels. That was the savage the dream of Peter the great. Despite its utopian, as a theory it had an internal logic from the starting point to the destination.

Why canadian peacekeepers took the team to SEE, impossible to understand. Like Vladimir declared peace plan and Ukraine gained was the integrity of the three stages: the completion of hostilities, the search for understanding of Donbass and the beginning of reintegration. In this positive picture there is not even a trace on the brutal massacre of separatists, which dreamed predecessor Zelensky. That is, block the region from the Russia friendly Canadians just need to cut communication in which supplied aid, including military. This preparatory phase of the military operation, which should end in a victory over the Donbas.

Maybe the Bodnar does not mean control of the border, and the placement of troops along the line of contact? However, this option is also unenforceable for the above reasons.

I understand what happened. In preparation for the visit, the Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs lifted the documents from a canadian-Ukrainian dossier and found it somewhat dated, but seemingly very expressive combination. Bloodthirsty meaning inherent in the idea, he did not explain bothered and Bodnar go snatched from archival chest with a brilliant rattle in order to impress the audience. It is, in fact, is the style of team work, the experience of which is associated not with politics but with the organization of performances of a spectacular stage show. But they look increasingly fool.Andrei Babitsky

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