Canadian-Penguins: past could be prologue to the future?

Canadien-Penguins: le passé pourrait-il être garant de l’avenir?

If the plans of the national hockey League (NHL) discussed in the last few days to materialize and that the Montreal canadiens faces beautiful and well the Pittsburgh Penguins in the playoffs, some fans of the Holy Flannel may show more optimism, even unreasonable, in the remembering of duels previous between the two clubs.

Actually, the Habs have the number of the formation of the Pennsylvania. In the regular season, he presented a fact sheet eloquent 123-61-23-9 against it, which represents an average of the points raised of ,644. In addition, Montreal has won their two matchups of the series in the face of the “Pens”: in 1998, the hc had triumphed in six games before win in seven meetings a dozen years later.

Thus, these statistics and these facts weapons – also distant they seem – are likely to swim a few diehards in the wildest dreams, in spite of the presence of Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin in the other camp. Question to set the table for this fight is more predictable, here are a few great moments of the two series matched up the two formations.

– An extension action-filled

The first playoff game Canadian-Penguins of the story took place on 23 April 1998. During the regular season, which ended later because of the holding of the olympic Games of Nagano, the Habs had taken the seventh place of the combination of the Is and left, therefore, in a position that is overlooked in turn initial in front of a team focusing on Jaromir Jagr.

Despite unfavourable forecasts, the troop of the young head coach Alain Vigneault has set the tone by winning 3 to 2 in overtime on the ice enemy. Pet peeve of the Canadian during his years with the Boston Bruins, Andy Moog, has made friends in the quebec metropolis this year. Besides, he has frustrated Alexei Morozov on a penalty shot to save the furniture in the camp of the Blue-White-Red in extra time.

It is Benoît Brunet, who allowed the visitors to win by surprising Tom Barasso with a shot off the wing.

– A past comes back to haunt the Penguins

The game pivot series was the fifth, during which Mark Recchi took things in hand against his former training. The number 8 has tallied two goals and one assist to lead Canada to a gain of 5 to 2 and a priority of 3 to 2 in the quarter-final of the Is.

However, the winners have been hot under the attempted comeback orchestrated in the third period by Martin Straka and Jagr, who took the opportunity to get his fourth and final goal of the series. However, Moog has shown to be reliable at the right time to place his own in an excellent position.

– The first time in five years

Two days later, the Canadian was pleased with his audience in a frenzy by eliminating the Penguins with a gain of 3 to 0. At the same time, it has won a first round since winning the Stanley cup dating back to five years ago. With the support of Recchi, Jonas Hoglund and Shayne Corson, who have all donned the needle against Barasso, Moog has made his fourth and last laundry in career in the series.

In 1998, the first three seedings in the East are all fallen in the initial round, since the New Jersey Devils (1), and the Philadelphia Flyers (3) were also surprised, by, respectively, the Ottawa Senators and the Sabres of Buffalo. They have continued their momentum by sweeping the Canadian in the next round.

– Homecoming painful

The series, a rematch between the two teams took place in the second round in 2010, and Canada, led by the outstanding performance of Jaroslav Halak in the face of the Washington Capitals in the first round, hoped to repeat his success. However, the Penguins have quickly shown that the task was going to be more difficult this time, especially as Pittsburgh attempted to defend its title of champion of the Stanley cup.

Thus, the tape of Crosby and Malkin has started the charge with an easy victory of 6 to 3 in front of his supporters and the result could be as disastrous for his rivals. During the second part, the Canadian has lost its leading advocate Andrei Markov, who suffered a torn ligament in his right knee on a failure of Matt Cooke.

Despite all that, the Habs kept her head high thanks to a victory of 3 to 1, the result of a double by Michael Cammalleri and 38 stops Halak. The injury to Markov has certainly been painful, but it allowed the fans of HP to appreciate the savoir-faire of a young back by the name of P. K. Subban, who was on his first series after having played the first two games of his career in the regular season.

– The best and the worst

The series of 2010 showed the keeper of the “Pens’ Marc-Andre Fleury as its best, but also in its less good. In the third duel, the Sorelois was of marble, rejecting 18 shots, with his saving with a short gain of 2 to 0 at the Bell Centre. But in the following match, lost 3 to 2 by Pittsburgh, he has appeared shaky, giving a gift to Tom Pyatt, who beat him with a shot low to the corner of the rink.

The trend continued in the clashes 5 and 6, Fleury is showing in a victory of 2 to 1 and then bend four times on 25 shots in a setback of 4 to 3. During this time, Halak has continued his good work with 34 stops to allow the Habs to force the holding of a decisive encounter.

– Another big surprise

The match 7 of the 2010 round was one-way, despite a short attempt of rise of the Penguins. In what would prove to be the last part of the NHL presented at “the igloo” in Pittsburgh, the Canadian scored the first four goals of the evening to slip to a gain of 5 to 2, and the final Is.

Once again, Halak has dominated his rivals with 37 stops, while Fleury has taken the path to the bench after being transferred four times in 13 throws. Brian Gionta has been the figurehead of the winners attack with two threads, but this is Travis Moen, who has put an end to the series of the guardian as number 1 of the Penguins with a goal in numerical inferiority.

The Canadian has seen his aspirations of a Stanley cup melt like snow in the sun in the third round. Propelled by their spectacular return in the second round to face the Boston Bruins, the Philadelphia Flyers have stiffly beat the Habs in five games.

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