Canadian: Rafaël Harvey-Pinard waits for the result with impatience

Canadien: Rafaël Harvey-Pinard attend la suite avec impatience

As far back as he can remember, the studies have always occupied an important place in the daily life of Rafael Harvey-Pinard. On the eve of beginning his professional career in the organization of the Canadian hockey player of 21 years is on the verge of completing an important pan of his life.

Harvey-Pinard, whose internship junior as captain of the Saguenéens de Chicoutimi has ended abruptly due to the pandemic of COVID-19, is in the process of completing his diploma of collegial studies in sciences of nature.

In the wake of his three during the session, in the winter, it will remain as a course to complete during the summer to be able to shout “mission accomplished”.

Under an average of 92% in the class, Harvey-Pinard is one of three finalists for the trophy, Marcel-Robert, which is presented annually to the player-student of the year in the QMJHL.

“In elementary school, my parents have taught me the importance of school and after the primary, it has just continued. I always knew that school was important to have a plan B. My goal is to play professional, but this is not easy and there are many events that can end a career. I want to have a good “plan B”, let go of the choice of the seventh round of the Canadian at the last chance in a telephone interview with The Journal.

A clear goal

Because for the time being, the plan is to do the jump with the Rocket de Laval for the next season when the health authorities will allow the professional leagues to restart their activities.

Harvey-Pinard, who has scored 34 goals and 78 points in 62 meetings with the Sags, must first find a contract. The teams will be entitled to a maximum of 50 players under contract, which could complicate the file of the skater originally from Jonquière, in the short term.

This season, the Habs 45, and since the organization has drafted many hopes over the past few years, it will be faced with a choice sooner than later. In the case of Harvey-Pinard, who was drafted in the 2019, the Canadian holds his exclusive rights until June 1, 2021. This window may enable leaders to offer him a pact one-year transition to the american League before consenting to an agreement among the 50 (contract entry three years). Harvey-Pinard prefers not to be too forward on the intentions of the Canadian, leaving the administrative aspect in the hands of his agent.

“I have not discussed it with the Canadian, I let my agent talk to them. We will see how it will develop. With the virus, it is a little in the unknown and we are still waiting for the return of hockey. The ideal for a player when he’s going to be going to the pro-level, it is to have a contract to enter the NHL. But honestly, we don’t know how it’s going to expand,” said former Huskies of Rouyn-Noranda, with which he raised the President’s cup and the Memorial cup in the spring of 2019.

However, there is one thing that is clear in his mind. “I am ready to make the jump with the Rocket. I’ve improved a lot throughout the journey of my junior and I’m ready to move on to the next level.”

Training of the CH

Responsible for the development of players in the canadiens, Francis Bouillon and Rob Ramage have also contacted the attacker in lately to inquire about his condition at this period of the pandemic. Harvey-Pinard has also received a training program specifically designed for him by the club.

“I tell them that the hardware that I had at home and they sent me a program. It is fun to see that they care for me and they are taking new […] That said, I miss the hockey and throwing pucks on the goalie!” he confessed.

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