Canadian scientists have found a way to extract fuel from the air

Канадские ученые нашли способ добывать топливо из воздуха

The specialists from canadian company Carbon Engineering has developed a method that extract carbon dioxide directly from the atmosphere using chemical reactions.

According to the creators of the technology, its distinguishing feature — a low cost compared to other methods. Description of the process published in the journal of Joule, reports Know.

Carbon dioxide, obtained with the help of new technology, can become the basis of fuel. Today, there are several methods of producing fuel from CO2: for this purpose a special membrane that separates oxygen and carbon monoxide, as well as specially developed catalysts.

The method proposed canadian engineers — not the first in this area, there are many ways of obtaining CO2 from the atmosphere. However, most of these technologies are expensive: according to various estimates, the cost of obtaining tons of gas can be from $ 600 up to thousands. Carbon Engineering representatives say that the gas obtained by their technology, will cost from 94 to 232 USD per ton.

The authors propose a new method to collect the air, saturated with carbon dioxide, using special designs, like a modern cooling tower (cooling tower). Air is pumped inside with fans and interacts with an alkaline solution. The resulting liquid is frozen and then gradually heat up, bringing to the consistency of thick slurry. The substance goes through a cycle of chemical reactions, interacting with slaked lime, then produces carbon dioxide. It can be used in the production of gasoline and diesel fuel.

According to engineers, all costs of such fuels would be more expensive than the usual petrol. While producers will still be able to compete with companies receiving fuel standard techniques: the price of “regular” gasoline has high environmental taxes and their amount is constantly growing. Carbon Engineering have already tested the technology at a small company in British Columbia. If the company will manage to find sponsors, engineers plan to build a large plant to obtain CO2 for the new technology no later than 2021.

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