Canadians are hiding in the offshore to $240 billion

Wealthy Canadians are hiding from tax authorities in foreign offshore from 80 to 240 billion dollars.

Канадцы прячут в офшорах до $240 миллиардов

This is stated in a special report prepared by the Tax Agency of Canada.

“We assume that in hidden offshore Canadians keep from 75.9 billion to 240,5 billion dollars”, — are given in document figures for 2013.

Each year, the owners of these funds avoid paying about $ 3 billion. taxes.

But foreign property and status of law-abiding Canadians declared twice that amount — 429 billion.

In General, it is estimated, Canada annually loses about 14.6 billion dollars. taxes, which is 5.3% of total government revenue. If these funds were able to get, they would completely cover the annual budget deficit.

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