Cancellation of the construction holiday : workers oppose

Annulation des vacances de la construction : les travailleurs s'y opposent

The workers of the construction industry are unwilling to see their holiday cancelled this summer.

After having consulted their members, the FTQ-Construction and the Conseil provincial (International) are opposed to this proposal of the government Legault, who wishes a quick recovery of the economy after the epidemic.

The suggestion of the minister Jean Boulet to cancel the traditional holiday of the construction, which has been submitted to the representatives of employers and unions earlier this week, does not pass on to the workers.

Not less than 80% of the workers affiliated with both unions refuse that their holiday is not compromised. The workers have also spoken out against the idea of having their cheques holidays ahead. Generally, vacation pay is paid in the month of June.

“At this time, people are not on vacation. They are confined to situations of anxiety or illness and take care of their loved ones (…). The construction holiday, it is essential not only for the reconciliation of work and family, but also for the health of workers”, argued Wednesday Eric Boisjoly, director general of the FTQ-Construction, by press release.

According to Michel Trépanier, president of the Conseil provincial (International), we must not lose sight of the fact that the two weeks of construction are “hot” for the tourism industry in quebec, which is this year.

“This period (…) must be protected to be part of the relaunch of all the regions of Quebec, he pointed out. It is important to remember that these holidays are planned far in advance, and in several other industries. It is also premature as risky to challenge it”.

The office of the minister of Labour, we do not want to clarify whether the government could go against the will of the workers.

“The government has initiated a reflection and is set in the mode of consulting is giving the chance to study all the options. However, no decision has been taken at this time”, a-t is reported.

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