Cancellation of the festivals: “a disaster” for traders

Annulation des festivals: «un désastre» pour les commerçants

The merchants of Quebec expected, but the cancellation of festivals and cultural events until August 31, came to confirm what they feared: “the year 2020 is to water.”

This announcement on Friday is in addition to the plethora of measures implemented by Québec, which forces the tourism industry to be resigned to a summer season dead-born.

“Economically, for the city of Quebec, this is a disaster,” says Philippe Desrosiers, co-owner of the microbrewery STAINLESS steel, located on the Grande Allée.

Frédéric Desrosiers, co-owner of the Tavern, Grande Allée and the Snack Bar Saint-Jean, points out that summer is, for many traders, the time to replenish the coffers for the winter, more barren in terms of commercial revenue.

“The year is the water”

This breath of fresh air, instilled especially by the Festival d’été de Québec, will be virtually cut off this year.

“The FEQ, it is true that these are 10 big days in the year. But there is still 355 days in the year to be creative, brave, innovative and efficient”, invites an upbeat tone Frédéric Desrosiers.

For retail merchants, restaurants, bars, or hotels, “the year is water for everyone”, summarizes the director-general of the hotel Association of the region of Québec, Marjolaine of His.

“There are establishments which are open from may to October, and receive almost just international tourists. This year, there will be no international tourists”, expose it realistically, with the expectation that the annual occupancy rate went from 70 % to around 30% by 2020.

The uncertainty extends to the cruise season in the fall, rich international tourists and that is an important “huge” for entrepreneurs in the Old-Quebec, according to the co-owner of Chez Boulay, Sophie Marchand.


During this time, traders had no choice other than to tighten the teeth and to adjust to the climate of uncertainty. Several restaurateurs have put in place a formula “to go” in order to continue to operate minimally. Other businesses, such as microbreweries, including STAINLESS steel, advocating always for that of the legislative amendments to be made in order to enable them to deliver their products themselves.

“Those who are going to be able to adapt, they are the ones who will survive”, projects the co-owner of The Workshop and the Ophelia, Fabio Monti.

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