Cancellation of the mark “Spikes” caused controversial reactions from motorists

Moscow. 29 Nov. In the community of motorists were divided opinions about the government resolution on cancellation of the designation of cars on studded wheels – some consider this decision as rational and others irrational.

“Opponents of the sign “Thorns” they say that modern cars can stop and avoid the accident and this sign is not necessary. But the sign “spikes” carries a warning ahead of the car whose wheels can “pick up” the road and drop in walking behind any object,” – said “Interfax” on Thursday the head of Federation of automobile owners of Russia (HEADLIGHTS) Sergey Kanaev.

According to him, for experienced drivers sticker “thorns” in front the car “has always been a good signal to increase the distance with him.”

“At high speed flew from under the wheels and hit the “Lobovyk” other crushed stone, which is sprinkled with many of the roads in the winter, often leads to loss of machine control and even death,” – said the representative of the HEADLIGHTS.

“When the abolition of the sign was discussed, we offered to simply cancel the responsibility for the lack of sign, but we have not heard. I would urge car owners to continue to use this sign – it might actually save lives,” added the channel.

For its part, the coordinator of the Society blue buckets Peter Shkumatov has called the amendment “absolutely logical”.

“The sign that was needed for cars without ABS (anti-lock braking system – Interfax), already obsolete. Unfortunately, this process is the elimination of redundant requirements took too much time,” – said Shkumatov Agency asked to comment on the decision of the Cabinet.

On Thursday it became known that the Chairman of the government of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree on changes in traffic rules (SDA), which provides for, including the abolition of the duties of a driver to set an identification mark “Spikes” on vehicles with studded tires.