“Cancer examination” forum in Moscow brought together 350 experts

PHOTO : MIR / Alan Kaziev


Modern diagnosis of diseases as the key to success in the fight against cancer. 350 experts gathered in Moscow at the first all-Russian forum “Cancer examination”. This forum will help professionals to be aware of the latest advances in medicine. With details – the correspondent channel “WORLD 24” Mr Sheroukhov.

The first forum brought together the clinicians and the pathologists ‘ from all over Russia. “Laboratoriya Gemotest” within the framework of the project “Cancer examination” suggested areas for patients and doctors, which allow to detect not only malignant tumors but also various forms of precancerous lesions.

“The second of the expert Council in the country. We were able to combine the real, the best minds,” said the Director-General of the organization Rud Gaziyev.

“Laboratoriya Gemotest” performs more than 60 million tests per year, including studies in highly specialized areas such as Oncology,genetics and reproduction.

“The person receives a complete response to a given question from any point of Russia”, – said MD, Professor of Oncology, Department of GBUZ MO MONICA Lali Kogonia.

In the laboratory operates the project “Second opinion” – revision of the finished histological preparations obtained in other medical institutions. This gives you the opportunity to confirm, clarify or refute the results of previous studies.

“Cooperation with patomorfologia national research centers of the country, in terms of diagnostic care to patients is a very serious format professional cooperation”, – said the chief consultant of the expert Council “Hemotest”, doctor of medical Sciences Evgeny Osmanov.

The forum discussed three major Oncology areas: Hematology,
gynecology, and dermatology. However, in the audience were experts from other
fields, who also had something to share.

“In the future I would like to create such small laboratories in the regions, where do the physician, the Clinician, the oncologist along with the local pathologist, with intimate contact, could prepare a biomaterial there, and here is to obtain expert opinion”, – said General Director of OOO “Laboratoriya Gemotest”, the organizer of the forum Rud Gaziyev.

Today more than 3.5 million Russian citizens are registered at the dispensaries. That is why the debate is about the diagnosis, improving its accuracy and quality.