Candlemas 2019: folk omens, traditions and prohibitions of the Christian holiday

According to the Julian calendar, Orthodox Christians celebrate the holiday on February 15.

Стрітення Господнє 2019: народні прикмети, традиції і заборони християнського свята

The presentation of the Lord – the twelve great (that is one of the twelve most important) Orthodox holiday, which symbolizes not only the meeting of Christ with Simeon the righteous, but the folk tradition, and even meeting winter and spring, informs Rus.Media.

In starslow Ansky “meet” is “encounter”. But there is this word a second meaning, “joy.”

Candlemas-2018: when note

The feast is enduring – that is always celebrated on the same day. According to the Julian calendar, Candlemas is celebrated on February 15. According to the Gregorian calendar, and also coincides with the revised Julian calendar, Candlemas falls on February 2nd.

Presentation: history

“In the life of the Church there is a circle of worship that reminds us of the earthly events of Christ’s life”, – said the rector of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra Metropolitan Vyshgorodsky and Chernobyl Metropolitan Paul.

He said that on the 40th day after the birth of Christ, the righteous Joseph and the virgin Mary come to the temple in Jerusalem, and they are not in the place where it was usually the wife to clean, and the high priest Zechariah (father of John the Baptist) put the virgin Mary with the Infant in the place of the girls that raised the indignation of the scribes and Pharisees. But Zacharias began to explain that this virgin pure and undefiled, and if God willing, to the virgin birth and the Nativity was a Virgin, the ruling is performed. And this is the virgin than all the virgins.

At a time when the Holy Family lived in the temple, being led by the Spirit into the temple comes Simeon, lived for many years, he was already more than 300 years. Looking at the virgin Mary with the infant Jesus, he sees the Grace of God that surrounds Them. With reverent fear and great joy, picks up creswicke Baby and pronounces the words: “Lord, Now lettest thou Thy servant, o Lord, according to Your verb with the world.” These words are in the Scriptures of the New Testament books.

Presentation: signs and beliefs

Our ancestors on the eve of the festival looked at the sky:

  • if the sky is dotted with stars, the winter isn’t going to give up their rights to the spring and warming in the near future can’t wait
  • if on the contrary – the spring will be very early and warm.

This day has a lot of other signs:

  • What is the weather on Candlemas, and this spring will be.
  • On Candlemas winter spring meet.
  • In the Presentation it is time to begin to prepare seeds for sowing.
  • In the Presentation it is necessary to feed the bird to better raced.
  • In the Presentation it is time to drive the cattle out of the barn into the corral.
  • There are financial signs in the place of meeting. For example, in the put money on the kitchen table, or the house can leave good luck.

Candlemas: what not to do

So, in the list of prohibitions included:

  • not lose heart is a joyful festival, which is usually fun
  • to quarrel (as indeed in any other Christian holiday) is considered abuse in this day promises a lot of trouble
  • it is not necessary to go on a long journey: in ancient times believed that variable weather can be serious trouble. There is even a proverb: “On Candlemas will be hitting the road soon, don’t come home”,
  • it is forbidden to work, to the things of the world do not distract from the spiritual – the only exception is for cooking and care of livestock/Pets. Also welcome the work that needs to be completed for the benefit of others,
  • especially strongly our ancestors belonged to the “water” industries: threat was considered all actions of water – was banned washing and even wash in the bath.

As for the recent bans, it should be explained that in the old days bathing in the bath for the holidays was forbidden because it had to work: chop wood, apply water, etc. But modern people, who want to take a shower that day, it may do so without fear of violating the prohibition.

Candlemas: a visit to the temple

On this day you should definitely visit the Church. In the temple in honor of the presentation is made special solemn divine service, and also served a festive prayer service. If you can’t defend it, you should go and at least put a candle and pray.

The holiday often coincides with the carnival, so in Russia, the Slavic peoples, there is a popular tradition to enjoy pancakes on this day and celebrating the approach of spring.

According to tradition, during the festive divine services in the Church sanctify the so-called Candlemas candle (still we call them “granichnymi”), after which distribute to parishioners. These candles are able to protect the house from storms and tornadoes, the crops from hail and high winds, lightning, the evil eye and diseases. Such candles can be lit if:

  • over the house of the raging storm,
  • next started a fire or other natural disaster,
  • complications during childbirth,
  • if a person has an epileptic seizure,
  • when man departs to the other world: it was believed that with this candle late can safer and easier to leave the world of the living.

Candlemas: blessing of the waters

Sretenskaya water valued on par with Epiphany. It are not Holy in the temple, and gather the dripping of melting icicles. Sretenskaya water use:

  • in the treatment of wounds and internal diseases,
  • from the evil eye and witches spells,
  • before the battle and the long journey,
  • beekeepers at the beginning of the season sprinkled her hives, and farmers – livestock is the first time they are put out to pasture after winter.