Candlemas: February 15, necessary light, to consecrate and to feel

There are a lot of people take beliefs and traditions on Candlemas – the time of the first feeling of spring .

Стрітення Господнє: Що 15 лютого треба обов&#039язково запалити, освятити і відчути

It February 15, believers celebrate the great feast of Candlemas. The Scripture says that when Jesus was 40 days old, the parents Joseph and Mary took him to the temple to serve God. Then lived in Jerusalem, Simeon, who knew that she would live until, until you see the Savior. That day, Simeon came to the temple and saw that the prophecy is coming true. He took Jesus in his arms, and then gave his parents died, reports Rus.Media.

The feast of Candlemas, popularly called “Meetings”, “Gromaca”, “Samobor”.

At Candlemas, according to popular notions, the winter is back where it was summer, and the summer – where it was winter. On the way they meet and speak to each other:

God help you, winter! says summer.

– Give, God, health! – meets winter.

– Ah, you winter, – blames the summer – what have I done and worked out, you ate and drank!

According to popular belief, summer meets winter, twice a year: on Candlemas – February 15 – the day of Saint Anna – December 22. The people imagined that in the spring the Winter the old woman and Summers is a young girl.

On Candlemas Winter leads under the hands of old Santa Claus, she bent, shaking and barely goes. The casing on the woman the Winter palatini, boots torn, and the handkerchief on the head of the mouse nibbled holes and those holes gray hair sticking out. In the hands of Winter carries the flawed bucket of ice, and through her shoulder, and she – Peronne the sack.

In Summer, the wreath on his head, shirt, flowers Mariana, green plahtiy, is a cheerful and beautiful girl. Summer carries a sickle and a sheaf of rye and wheat.

When meeting old Winter and the young Summer debating who to go and who to back? If by the evening will become warmer – Summer has perspiratio Winter, if colder Winter.

On this day in temples to light gromnica is a special candle, the flame of which protects from fire and evil forces of the house of people. It is also thought that gromnica alleviated suffering, dying people.

If on Candlemas to bless water in the Church, it can help to cure many ailments.

When consecrated in the Church of water, the farmers gained the new water – not applicable – vessel, brought home and carefully cherished. This water was attributed magical power. According to popular notions, it is healing water. She rubbed the sore spots, and believed that “help”. Best of all this water seemed to help the “evil eye”, from diseases that she was attracted by the “bad” eye.

Once as a Chumak went on the road, the owner gave him bread, salt and water sprinkled Candlemas oxen, carts and the Chumak, saying: “God save you!”. So the father sent his son to war, skrolujuca Sretensky water for a happy return.

The hosts also wondered at harvest, exposing the plate with the grain in the yard. If in the morning there is dew – vintage, no dew – no crop.

Come Sretensky frost – they are considered to be the last, and after them the peasants did not dare to embark on a long journey on a sleigh.

Particularly care to this day about poultry, livestock, grain and fruit trees. Don’t need this day to gather in a long journey that day – you can get bogged down at the first intersection.

There are a lot of people take beliefs and traditions on Candlemas. February 15 – first time feeling of spring – it was felt in the air.

Folk omens on February 15

If the sun peeked out from behind the clouds will thaw, the days become Sunny and clear, and you can also expect a rich harvest of grain crops.

If February 15 snow – spring will be rainy and cold but summer will come soon

Cloud – wait for cooling. And the wind on February 15, in contrast, assumes a rich harvest of fruit and is a good sign

A lot of stars on Candlemas – a sign that spring will come soon

Large icicles hanging on the edge of the roof – will be a rich harvest of corn

Quiet and Sunny day on 15 February heralds the harvest of flax

Said that on Candlemas happen the last frost

No need to gather in a long journey that day – you can get bogged down in the first Sluts

Thaw 15 February – a sign that indicates that spring will be rainy and wet, and the harvest will be poor

The storm on Candlemas – spring will be late and need to conserve stocks of feed

If February 15 to feed oats poultry, it will output good offspring

From roofs-drops – well-would grow hemp and wheat.

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