Canoeing: Laurence Vincent Lapointe is “back in his old slippers”

The return to training with his teammates from the national team of canoeing last week has filled Laurence Vincent Lapointe.

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“The return with the girls made me a very crazy”, a summary of the canoeist that has been bleached by the international canoe Federation (ICF) on January 24, after having tested positive ligandrol during a test unexpectedly on the 29th of July and received a provisional suspension on the 13th of August.

“The last week has been very busy, but very beautiful. It is as if I had put my old slippers. There is a “rush” workout, but it will mentally.”

The members of the canadian team were thrilled to be reunited with their teammate.

“The girls were all really happy and I had a dinner team as soon as Wednesday, she told. Everything was positive and they told me that they were happy to see me again. Same thing for athletes from other countries.”

On the water for four weeks in the company of his coach with the club in Three-Rivers Mathieu Pelletier, Vincent Lapointe is fully aware that it lags behind.

The young woman at the announcement of his acquittal last week.


Trusting to find his form, however, it must be patient.

“There is a danger in wanting to do too much too quickly, she explained. I want so much to train me, I’m a little impatient when I cannot do the things that I have already made. I have to go there one day at a time.”

Vincent Lapointe is well surrounded with the presence in Florida of the coach of the national team, his club coach, a psychologist and a physical trainer.

“Everyone told me not to exaggerate my pace, she pointed out. The quality of training over quantity. I haven’t felt pain, just some soreness that are normal.”

“Even if I don’t always have good feelings in the C-1, I was pleasantly surprised when I boarded in the C-2 with Katie Vincent. I was so happy to find myself in C-2. For now, I want to give myself time before I can train solo with Katie, but I’m not worried. Because we are seven girls, we are not obliged to be always together, as was the case last summer in preparation for the world championship.”

Extra Motivation

Even if the last six months have been very difficult, the canoeist of Three-Rivers estimates that it is able to learn from positive events.

“I already had the passion, but the events give me a greater desire not to move to the side of my olympic dream, she told. I was surprised to pass through it. I am stronger than I thought. The positive control affected me a lot, but I was able to get up. No matter what could happen to me, I don’t let them crush in my life.”

Vincent Lapointe was entitled to a test unannounced to celebrate his return to Florida.

“Let’s say that the paranoia was quite high. I was certain not to be contaminated, but it was also the case last July. As athletes, we have so many things to think about and the possibility of being contaminated by things that we don’t have consumed, ” adds a pretty big stress.”

“It is going in the right direction”

It recognizes that Laurence Vincent Lapointe has a significant delay on its usual form, Mark Granger is not inhabited by a sense of urgency to 11 weeks of the olympic trials.

“Laurence will not need to be at his best at the trials,” said the coach of the national canoe team.

“She was so ahead of the other girls that she will not need to be at the top in order to qualify, he adds. It was at its peak last August, before the world and it is certain that it will not be at this level. We need to be realistic.”


“It will not be at its best level in 11 weeks, but I am confident that it will be able to deliver a performance that will allow him to obtain an additional entry for Canada at continental selection rounds in Brazil”, sue Granger.

“I’ll have a better idea in five or six weeks, but she is progressing daily and is going in the right direction. This is only a matter of time. It will be correct if one does not encounter another obstacle. With all his experience, you never know. It could progress very quickly.”

Granger is confident in his protégé. “I’m not stressed and I don’t feel any panic, he assured. It is upbeat and really has the taste of train. It is as if she was returning from a mini retirement. It is behind on the physical plane, but it has recharged the batteries on the mental plane. I’ve seen athletes too nervous at the approach of the olympic Games who wanted to be at their maximum too quickly.”

Qualifications continental

After the olympic trials from 16 to 19 April at Lake Lanier (site of the olympic Games of Atlanta in 1996), Canada will take part in the qualifications continental from 7 to 10 may in Brazil.

The canadian crew selected at the end of the olympic trials will have to win the C-2 in Brazil to qualify the boat for the olympic Games in Tokyo.

As the boat individual is already qualified for Tokyo, Vincent Lapointe will be able to obtain his ticket for the olympic Games by winning the two races in C-1 in Lake Lanier.

Otherwise, it would have to be the fastest in the C-2 in the company of a partner, which remains to be determined to get his ticket to Brazil, but that will not be Katie Vincent, since the latter has already qualified the C-1.