Canucks: Elias Pettersson is confident, despite his lack of experience

Canucks: Elias Pettersson est confiant, malgré son inexpérience

Even if he’s only 21 years old and he has never tasted the playoffs of the national hockey League (NHL), forward of the Vancouver Canucks, Elias Pettersson looks to use his experience in Sweden to prepare.

During the season 2017-2018, Pettersson wore the colors of the Vaxjo HC, in the main league Swedish. At the age of 19, he scored 10 goals and totaled 19 points in 13 playoffs to help his people to be holy champions. In addition, he was named the outstanding player of the playoffs.

Thus, the center player is not worried about too much of the fact that his Canucks missed the playoffs last year.

“I played in the series in Sweden, he launched the network Sportsnet on Tuesday. What I can say about it is that the games are more difficult, you are fighting more for the washers and the game of the world increases. It is just more difficult in general. And I expect the same thing in the NHL because of the Stanley Cup is one of the trophies of the most famous that you can win, and everyone wants to win it.”

His team-mate J. T. Miller account for his 61 games of experience in the playoffs. He believes that Pettersson will not have the same leeway that during the regular season, when the Canucks take on the Winnipeg Jets during the qualification round.

“I think that, for him, it’s going to be very hard. The matches are hard. I’m sure he’s going to want more space than what it will get. But he scored a ton of goals around the net this year, which represents an aspect of his game that is underestimated. I think it’s going to be a learning curve for him.”

“I hope he will dominate from the outset, but sometimes, it doesn’t work that way. I believe that he understands that this will be a hard battle,” concluded Miller.

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