Cap, skirt, heels: Ukraine women military dressed in a new form

Фуражка, юбка, каблуки: в Украине женщин-военных оденут в новую форму

In Ukraine, the Ministry of defense completely changed the wardrobe for the women in the military. Now the troops of the fair sex appeared overcoat over-size bed, new caps and boots on a small heel. It is stated in the story TSN. New clothing will be introduced next year, and while some of the soldiers had the opportunity to test the clothes on.

Casual female form in the management of material security began to develop in 2018. During its development, noted, studied the experience of countries-members of NATO. Looked like there dressed women thought that good can be learned for our country.
Modified in the wardrobe of a tie, which, incidentally, liked women. Appeared stylish cap, sweater, coat, over-sized bed, which is made on the principle of an overcoat and boots with a low heel.

“Heel is pretty standard, good. We have to walk, and for this we need to have comfortable shoes,” – said the woman-war, which tested the shoes.

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